Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hello is it me you're lookin for?

Dear Mr. Blog,

Please forgive me, I know we haven't seen much of each other lately. I know I've not answered your calls, or texts, and really-the song dedications went a bit far (cause I don't even like that old song).

It's not you- It's me. Really.

I do miss our late night chats; your eager willingness to pay rapt attention while I tell you my random thoughts and my preposterous ideas. But life outside the blog world got very busy, and I just needed some space. Besides I know you don't love me for my mind, you just want my time- and I'm mostly ok with that.

So I hope we can put this little gaffe behind us, what do you say?

Warmest Regards,
Smarty Pants

1 comment:

  1. Hello! Cami pointed out your blog to me so I thought I'd come check you out. What a fun blog! I love your witty writing, and it's fun to see what's going on with you. It's been a while. :) (I'm Cami's sis Dani, by the way) I love blogging! So if you'd like, come on over and check out my three blogs sometime. (one family, one writing/photos, one for fun) :) I look forward to more fun posts. :)