Thursday, September 3, 2009

One phone call

Ever notice how you're going along and everything is going great, and then one phone call can change it all?

That phone call came last week-it was the kind that brings you to your knees.

Bad news- in the form of cancer-my mom. It's such an ugly word with an even uglier implication.

I've laid awake at night, thinking, listening, praying, crying sometimes too. I've heard the crickets at night and I've started to wonder if they have a conductor for their symphonies. How do they all know when to change key and keep time like that?

I know that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me. Who is the conductor of my symphony-sometimes I think I haven't been watching His directions closely enough, surely I would have seen this coming-right? I'll have to pay better attention, follow
the score more closely from now on. It's hard patiently watching the plan unfold when you're not the architect.


  1. you know, the first thing that i thought was how strong mom must be for Heavenly Father to see fit to give mom this trial. How strong she must be for this to be HER trial. Also i thought that if there was any person who could go through this trial and stay faithful, it is mom.