Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lasagna Lessons

Tonight we had the missionaries over for dinner. I made lasagna. it was really gross. even the dog wouldn't eat it.

I made said lasagna weeks ago and put it in the freezer-to be consumed while I was away.
It went unconsumed, apparently for good reason.

We don't eat lasagna much, so I don't make it. ever. I don't even have a recipe-I just looked on the box for theirs. I guess I did it wrong or something.

While I was making the rolls and cinnamon rolls-that turned out yummy- I was pretending I was on a cooking show, silly I know but it helps me stay on track with the recipe.

I was explaining to my pretend audience each step and giving a history about this specific recipe (my grandma's). I was telling them that everything she made was fantastic, while in my mind thinking I'm just like her- a good cook-and proud of it. Obviously I needed a bit of a humbling.

sufficiently humbled

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  1. My efforts at cooking are humbling more often than not. So at least your failures come as a surprise!


    PS. I found your blog on Em's Emilisq blog. (I liked your Smarty Pants button.)