Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moming 101

Cool mom tips that we all should know

1. Swoop the laces twice and you won't have to tie a double knot, or pick one out ever again
2. Cocoa butter is the cure all for skin ailments, if it doesn't fix it you probably need a prescription
3. Suave detangling spray and a rubber band can fix the worst hair day

Ok that's all I've got for now. but they really do work, and 3 great tips are better than 7 lame ones any day right?


  1. Swoop the laces twice? I need more detail here.

    And I agree about cocoa butter. My favorite cure all. (And I love the smell!)


  2. Sue-
    When you make the first loop instead of going around once and then pulling it through to form the second loop, go around twice then pull it through. The middle holding part will be bigger but that's what hold the bow like a double knot. Hopefully that was more clear than mud