Friday, January 8, 2010

Just me

I didn't realize until yesterday just how fantastic running water is-I assumed I knew, but I didn't. Hand washing- a million times a day, toilet flushing, showering, drinking, washing clothes and dishes, the list goes on. Until I didn't have it I didn't realize just how much I use it and love it. I took it for granted. I think I take lots of things for granted. not a characteristic I'm particularly proud of, sort of like my occasional sarcastic and {potentially} snarky comments, but that's for another day.

Man- me and all of my assuming lately, it's gotten me into lots of trouble. Trouble i don't need. And apparently, I'm the only one turning out to be the "ass"umed one- if you get my drift.

So really the point of the whole story, I know I get to it in a very round-about way- but indulge me, I was contemplating about going to the doctor with which I have a love/hate relationship {that baby making doctor} weighing the pros and cons of another stab at the whole involved process that is conception, and the decision was made for me. in the form of having to pay for a cat scan for Em and a new water heater in one day... "that's a big negative, over."

So I'm trying to decide if I should keep praying to know when all this baby making should go down, while potentially racking up huge medical/and or home repair bills, or if I should just wait, not ask and not be afraid of how the answer will come.

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