Monday, September 13, 2010

emma & pumpkins- 7 years ago

It's nearly time to harvest the only thing that grew in our garden this year. Seriously, just the pumpkins. Nothing else, really.

Not a single squash, or cucumber to speak of. Nary a pepper in sight. And oh, my purple beans that never were, how I missed roasting you. I'm sure if we could stand tomatoes, and planted some, they would have failed miserably too.

Last year I was quite smug about all of my green thumb-ness, I have since repented.


  1. What happened, Jess? Did the critters get 'em? That's what always used to happen to me.


  2. Sue- No idea, the plants just never sprouted

  3. Nothing like a failed crop, is there? Sometimes things die for no good reason.

  4. At least you have pumpkins!!!

  5. Dang, If I had known that your cucs pulled a no show, I'd have sent all mine over your way! We had tons and we use hardly any, so we give them all to mike and Christi. Next year you be sure to let me know if you need any!!
    Wish we would have planted pumpkins. I LOVE pumpkins!!