Monday, November 15, 2010

a letter

Dear Schroedad,

I must tell you, that while I am so excited about our trip that I almost can't sleep, I'm also feeling a strange something or other. I don't think I'm hungry, definitely not gassy, just nervous- I think. You see, I've been having strange dreams wherein my beloved child gets kidnapped, or we all get kidnapped, oh, has it been rather exhausting for all the sleep it has involved, and do you realize that we are traveling through some very busy airports?

I know it's such a silly thing, worried over randomly strange stories that run through my head in the night time hours. Especially since the Girl Child, really, is a more seasoned traveler than most kids her age, or your age for that matter, but still- these dreams are freaking me out.

So getting to the point of this whole letterly public display of nervousness, keep an extra close eye on the strange-ish people at the airport for me, please?

Smarty pants


  1. And where are you going and what are you doing and when are you leaving and how long will you be gone and how lucky are you!

  2. Oh, AMEN! I watch to much crime TV to travel these days---hope it all goes okay. Keep us posted!

  3. This sounds wonderful, Jess. I want to hear more about the specifics of the trip!


    PS. I bet your jitters will go away once your underway. I always have some pre-trip anxieties.

  4. Stay safe and keep your girlie close!