Tuesday, January 11, 2011

in and out of dream land

Some times I think about weird stuff at night when I'm trying to fall asleep. Last night I was thinking to myself about Oprah. It's crazy how she's this trend setting talk show host, who is sort of trying to take over the world. I mean she went from harpo productions to having her own channel for crying out loud. She's like the emperor and darth vader all rolled into one. I warned you it was crazy at the beginning.

Then I though about when Oprah dies, will there be a 3 day funeral, with a procession that goes all around the country with her embalmed body? Will she be kept in one of those creepy glass caskets on display, like Lenin and Stalin? Weird I know, and potentially a little sick too.

So this led, in my stream of consciousness, to Ryan Seacrest. Is he going to be the next Oprah? Will there be a Ryan's favorite things list? Will he open a school for children, where they'll learn how to have 60 jobs at once? Or is Ryan Seacrest just a puppet whose strings are actually being held by Oprah?

Then I finally manage to turn my brain off, and get to sleep. That's when the really weird stuff happens. Do you ever have dreams that are so vivid that when you wake up you're sure that it actually could have taken place? I do. A lot.
Good thing they never actually happen though- or my neighbors would be moving to Virginia to do horse riding competitions, and I love them so. Or worse still, I would be stuck swimming in the ocean- intermittently filled with sharks and jelly fish. Strange right?

I wonder if dreams actually have meanings
, not like those dreams where an angel comes to you and gives you a heavenly message, cause I've never had one those, but normal every day meanings- like you're worried about punctuality, or you need to be more organized.

So the point of this whole, write about my crazy brainly workings before I fall asleep, post- is that I need to figure out how to fall asleep faster (before all of this crazy Darth Vader talk can start going) and I need to really just get a good night's sleep for Pete's sake!

End transmission of the crazy channel


  1. You have just validated my theory. Now that Oprah has taken over this great land of ours, she is launching a full frontal assault on dreamland, too.

    Don't succumb, Jess. Be strong!


    PS. Don't worry about Seacrest. He's just along for the ride....

  2. I once dreamt that I lived in an underground city and there were spider-cats. Big, creepy, hairy ones. What is up with THAT, pscyhe??

    (the recurring dream where the car brakes don't work and I have to try and steer it away from people and yet at the same time try and clip inanimate things - like telephone poles - to try and slow it down, I understand because it always happens whenever I feel like life is WAY too busy and out of control. And yes, I've had it since WAY before I actually did clip that telephone pole two blocks from the Stake Center on Alpine. Maybe I'm prescient, 'cause life sure was crazy busy that day...)