Thursday, February 17, 2011

date night breakdown and a failed attempt at sports-writing

Date night breakdown-
Dinner at Costa Vida- walked in and it was barely sprinkling outside, walked out- blizzard
Everyone's power went out last night, lucky for us we were at the Jazz game, and they have generators- can't interrupt play you know.

We had great seats, lower bowl even. The Jazz bear was exceptionally funny, and it was practically perfect as far as date nights go. But for the annoying girls sitting behind us coaching from the stands the whole game, it would have been.

You know how some people (usually girls) have a tone or pitch when they scream that it just makes you cringe because it's so annoying, and loud. It was especially fantastic since neither of them actually knew the rules and would yell random things that made us all scratch our heads.

I will admit to the snark, we did have so much fun making fun of them that it was almost worth having them behind us, almost.

Don't get me wrong- best date this year, I just feel the need to tell the annoying with the good.

So to the real reason for this whole post- you'll soon see why I'm not a sports writer.

I was under the impression that refs were there for the sole purpose of keeping things from getting out of hand. Making sure the NBA doesn't become the NHL, if you know what I mean. I didn't think it was their job to decide the game- with the whole gambling ref debacle a few years ago I would have thought that some changes would be made to prevent that. Apparently not based on last night. I just have a hard time with the fact that in every quarter both teams were in foul trouble, seriously- more than 40 fouls called in the game. It was far beyond excessive-someone must have had some good odds on the Nuggets is what.

Sure I wish that at least some of C.J.'s 3's would have gone in. Yes I do wish that there wouldn't have been 8,000 turnovers. Yes, I'm sure they're all still reeling from Jerry's sudden departure. But still, it's nice to have someone to blame the loss on, especially a 5 point loss, and the ref's feet are as good a place as any to lay the blame.

I just hope they enjoyed the Utah boo-ing they received- cause we bring the noise people.


  1. I agree. Waaay too many fouls are called these days. For sure.

    Drives me nuts.


  2. I can't walk and bounce a ball at the same time so I have nothing to offer--but glad you enjoyed your night!! :0)

  3. What a great date night! We sat home and watched the Lakers lose to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now make no mistake - they deserved to lose, but the officiating as far as fouls was VERY one sided. Just sayin'.

  4. I miss walking and hearing your insights!!!! Are you watching kids every day?? Let's find a day to walk!