Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Did I miss it?

When did this...

Turn into this?

(I caught her unawares when she was sitting on the vent to warm up, hence the blowy hair and grinless expression.)

I was looking through files on the computer and came upon some pictures not in the picture file. These two were next to each other and it hit me how much Emma had grown, and how it doesn't seem like she should already be this big yet.

I wondered where the time had gone and how I could have missed it passing by me so quickly, had I really not been aware, did I miss all of that time gone by?

Then I remembered so many moments and details, it was all there, in my memories of bathing and playing and tickling and teaching.

She still conforms to my arms when I hold her, just not as much of her fits in that same space. I was there for it all, I just didn't notice the gradual changes, because I was there.


  1. Wow! She has grown! I looked at her birthday and Christmas pictures throughout the years and she has changed a lot.

  2. okay, it's still not showing you as a follower on my site? so glad i finally have yours, now we can really know what's going on in our lives;-)