Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The first burn of the season

Spring is officially here, I got myself a shiny, red sunburn to prove it.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself while obtaining said sunburn, but now... not so much.

Clothing is excessively scratchy and uncomfortable to wear (if my brother and sister in law +kids didn't live with us now, that wouldn't be an issue) showers are too hot on the burnt spots and too cold on the rest.

I happen to have an exceptionally small forehead- its burned- and so I look like I have a cherry jolly rancher taped to my face - you know 1inch by 1 inch squared.

Lesson learned, put on sunscreen- a lot.


  1. Did you know that the SPF is called "sun protection factor" and that the number associated with it is really cool. You find out how long in minutes it normally takes you to burn in the sun. Then you take the number on the sunblock (spf 15 say) and multiply it by your special number of minutes it normally takes to burn. The product of those is the number of minutes you are protected from sun burn! say it takes me 1 minutes to get a sunburn. If i put on spf 15, it will now take me 15 minutes to burn. if i put on spf 30, it takes me 30 minutes to burn. That is how you know how often you need to apply the sunblock. so now you need to figure out how long it normally takes you to burn. try it and time yourself! cheers big sis :)