Sunday, April 19, 2009

Still a techno retard

So I've finally made it to the blogging world, but alas, I still don't know a thing about technology. Emily- help me!

You may ask yourself, is she a 75 year old woman, to whom the advancements in modern computer paraphernalia are mind boggling? It would be a logical question to ask, but you'd be wrong.

I think all of the computer savvy skills went to my brothers, they just divvied them up for themselves and left me with none.

Anyhow- here I am blogging world, tread kindly.


  1. I am here to follow you and be your friend. I guess marrying you and telling you that I love you everyday isn't enough. Now I get to come to a site where the whole world can read my inner most thoughts. I love you in person and I love the cyber-Jess (sounds kind of like a super hero) with all my guts. I'd follow you anywhere!

  2. see, and you figured it out all by yourself!!! what a friend i am;-) and you are following my blog, there's just no picture so i didn't see it. upload a cute pic or else! wait, i don't even think we have a pic together...hmmmm.