Tuesday, April 28, 2009

millions of peaches, soon...

I'm so excited! My peach tree is almost done blooming, starting to get it's leaves.

And that means that in about 4 months I will have HUGE juicy peaches to eat at every meal mmm..

My little beauties two years ago, aren't they lovely? Sorry no photos of the peaches, I ate them.

I know its probably silly to be so overjoyed about a peach tree, but I am. That was one of the huge selling points of this house for me.

I have a recipe for gingerbread cake that is to die for. You top it with fresh peaches and whipped cream. That is what I am the most excited for.

It was my grandma's recipe, she makes martha stewart look like a one trick pony.

She sewed. Without patterns. She could see a dress at the store and then go home and make it. There were hand-made teddy bears for each grandchild, all hundred and something of us.

She cooked, for an army. 3 times a day, and it was sooo good. She made the cutest aprons, and the pockets on the front always had chocolate chips and raisins in them, just at kid height.

I definitely did NOT get the sewing gene :( No cute aprons for me.

I did get the cooking gene- YAY!! Too much good food at my house. I'm waiting to make you yummy gingerbread cake.

So peaches, grow nice and big, ripen in the sun so I can have some gingerbread cake with you.

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  1. oh i love all of your little sayings. t rex and one trick pony. and there was another about a pony, but we'll keep that between you and me;-)