Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A dog and his boy

Today I walked out my front door, and there in the middle of the walk was a snake.

The Schroeder does NOT like snakes, not even a little.

He was very brave and went to get said snake. Bear, not a real bear- our dog bear, was very curious about that snake.

Bear learned a few things today:

1. The Schroeder will not, I repeat will not, save you from a snake. You're on your own on that one-use your wild dog instincts or something.

2. Snakes taste really weird, don't lick them.

3. Both a dog and his boy don't like, and by don't like I mean are afraid of, snakes and its ok


  1. P.S. Sorry it's in slo-mo. but its really funny to see bear shake his head after licking the snake-think a kid tasting a lemon.

  2. we have snakes on a weekly occurance in the back with the creek. i don't think i would like them very much, but the kids always catch them before i have time to worry that i don't like them. i don't mind them all boxed up by the kids, that's for sure;-)