Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hi ho silver-and away

I know, I know my child's failures are not mine, and neither are her accomplishments. But one can still be proud of the offspring.

This is going on the third year she's had her bike. The training wheels were so well used that they finally just broke and fell off, leaving only the metal supports there to make sparks on the ground as she rode. She was mad when we took those off-cause those sparks were cool.

We wondered if she would ever figure out the whole balancing thing.

The poor kid has parents who know nothing about choosing a bike for a child. Just go in and choose a shiny one with streamers on the handle bars, right? Not so my friends, there are things like sizes and measurements to be taken. That's really hard to do when the bike is a Christmas present.

So needless to say the bike was three sizes too big...until now.

Oh yes, we did the whole run behind her while holding the seat thing. She would finally get her balance, only to let go and bail because it was "too crookled" to steer.

In Emma-nese that means crooked or wobbly.

Well she only has 1 speed now- fast.

You know its the same for running and driving the go-cart too, either super fast or stop.

She's never going to get her drivers license.

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