Wednesday, May 20, 2009


As I was listening to the children play together I heard some pretty funny things. My favorite, however, was a pants-peeing laugh so hard you cry moment. It went sort of like this...

Em: Ok so I'm the bad witch and I'm going to steal you.
Addy: Wait-I need my princess dress

Addy gets a princess dress halfway on- considers it good enough

Addy: Ok now I'm ready
Em: Come with me little girl
Addy: No-someone save me!

Addy is stolen and taken to the bad witch's house

Addy: I want my mommy!
Emma: I'm Your Mommy Now! Hahahaha

For those of you that know Em- think the naughty laugh.

I almost died- very silently mind you-because Emma gets sassy if she sees that I'm listening to or looking at them while they're pretending.

This reminded me of when she said the same thing to a little girl
, Kambrie, I used to watch. Only this time she was quite serious and Kambrie cried.

She has also tried to assume my nephew the same way. Jake was trying to get his mom's attention, she wasn't answering, so Emma stood between them and pronounced "I'm your mommy now."

When she was almost 3 a friend of mine had a baby and we went to see them. The first thing out of Emma's mouth was "hem ere" in a creepy voice, really creepy (she was really saying come here to the baby).

Not too long after that different friend, different baby, Emma says "can I- pet em?"

Apparently I didn't teach her about how moms and babies work well enough, because she either tries to usurp the mommy-ness or she is tries to pet them like animals. I guess at least she doesn't try to nurse them-that's one consolation.

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