Saturday, May 23, 2009

Butt talks?

Today we leveled out the final chunk of the weed patch, and it became just the dirt patch then the lovely mulched area of the yard. It was quite a transformation- we're trying to make our house not the trashiest one on the block remember?

And no not that kind of weed zac,

The kids were out helping and playing. They played in the dirt.

They got really dirty.

They decided to wash off at the hose and became muddy. Youngest girl child of the three decides to fix that situation by stripping down to nearly naked nude (shes 2 so no laws were broken).

I said to her that we could see her buttocks, and as quick as lightning the boy child says
to The Schroeder "um your butt talks, I just heard it" , as he is bent over weeding.

I asked boy child "what does it say" to which he replied "I don't know I can't understand that language."

Then we ended the day with rides on the cat machine - a perfect day if you ask me.

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  1. me oh my, sorry we missed the talking butt show!