Saturday, May 2, 2009

parmesan and pedicures

I surprised my 8 month pregnant cousin Gloria (who is more like a sister since neither of us has female siblings) with pedicures today. I thought it might be a nice way to be pampered since after a certain point during pregnancy one can neither see nor reach one's feet.

We went and sat in the massage chairs and soaked our feet, and then the tiny asian people started working their magic... cuticle pushing and pumice rubbing, well for me the man brought out this weird kitchen utensil thing and he started going to town on my feet.

As he is doing this I'm convinced he is using kitchen gadget because I swear that he was shredding a wedge of parmesan cheese. It was flying everywhere.

And then I saw that it was my sad calloused feet.
I was so embarrassed.

How could this be?

I exfoliate everyday in the shower, with a pumice!

I swear I do.

Gloria got a "good" from her lady about her feet.

I got the cheese slicer.

They turned out pretty though...see

I think the flip flop tan lines are especially cute, don't you?


  1. Flip flop tan lines are actually one of my favorite things about summer... and french toes.. so yes, I LOVE IT! and ps it's ok about the cheese slicer... lots of people have to have that done... you are not the lone ranger on that one!

  2. so stinkin cute! it makes me want to get mine done now!!!