Friday, June 5, 2009


I got pulled over by a police woman. I wasn't speeding, I did not change lanes improperly, I didn't even flick my gum out the window.
I know, I know its a bad habit that I have, but I only do it on roads where people don't walk. And really its what keeps the roads together- I'm sure of it.

I got pulled over because supposedly the registration didn't match the plates on the car and it looked like I had stolen said vehicle.

Obviously I'm not one to steal a car-grand theft auto is a little out of my league, techno retard remember? That and the fact that I just look innocent, translate:bad liar

It turns out that the police officer just typed in the plate number wrong, "oops sorry" she says, as I am having a small myocardial infarction.
That's a heart attack yo


  1. at least you were grounded to reality! you are not invincible!!! jk jk

  2. wait, was is the mali-benz???!!!!