Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wonder Dog part 2

Remember Wonder Dog and his fear of rain? Apparently thunder is worse, much worse.

We came home a little later than usual the other night to find it raining, thundering and lightning, and the Bear dog wrapped around the gate like a pretzel.

It would have been somewhat humorous, except for the fact that he was very stuck, and he had a cut and was bleeding all over.

He was the saddest, most pathetic looking creature I've ever witnessed. Poor Bear.

The Schroeder was the hero of the hour, he had to use a grinder to cut the bars on the gate and pull the metal, very hot metal, apart to free the pup.

There were sparks flying everywhere, lucky thing I have a pretty good big brother who kept them from flying into my face, with his bare hands even!

My hair got a little singed while holding bear- and now need a trim pretty badly, plus it still stinks a little too.

Oh Wonder Dog- our lives would be so bland without you

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