Monday, July 13, 2009


How do you determine the difference between a guest and someone close enough to call family or close friend- you know when you don't know someone well enough to let them help fix dinner or whatever it is you're working at.

I've decided that the way I can tell if someone is a guest at my house or if they fit into the friends/family category- and its really kind of strange but a good indicator for me.

If I feel comfortable enough with someone to let them look in my fridge, they are no longer merely guests.

I know- slightly crazy- but most of the time I keep my house clean enough to let visitors in and not feel embarrassed about it, but the fridge is a whole other realm of my house.

Filled with leftovers, no particular organization, and occasionally something in there hidden in the deepest bowels that is growing mold strong enough to kill a bacterial infection.

Not many people get to venture that far into my world, most are purely guests

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  1. This is awesome! I feel the same way! So funny- a friend of mine in high school became family this way. We can look in each other refrigerators with no problems at all! But now it's a bit different since I'm married with my own fridge and she's still single. It had to get broken in again. But I still feel completely comfortable looking in her parents fridge! :)