Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Emma is taking sewing lessons, not from me mind you, and having a ball. She just finished her sewing bag. It's very cute- green with dragon flies some strap-handle things and a pocket even.

can you see why I'm not the one who is teaching her, I got kicked out of sewing class in jr high

Then I got this bill that was sent home with her today, I was worried- hadn't I just paid for the whole summer's tuition, did something go wrong?

It was the fabric, who knew fabric costs extra- not me. I was a little miffed at first, I mean come on, logically shouldn't material be included in sewing lessons- what would you work on otherwise?

Then I remembered how proud she was of her accomplishment and that she can use a sewing machine to create things-useful things and it makes those few extra dollars ok.

I guess some of the Schroeder T-rex ish-ness has worn off on me, I can't quite reach my pockets at times with short arms and all.

Lesson Learned

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  1. hahaha, uh oh! i agree though, i would assume fabric was included in the cost. FOR SURE. oh well. way to be positive;-)