Monday, July 20, 2009


It is entirely too hot, July, what's up with that? Your friend June was nice and cool, a little too rainy, but none of this scorch your shorts off heat. Again I ask, July- what's the deal?

Oh I know you are full of other goodness, the 4th, fireworks, bar-b-ques, popsicles, Pioneer day. Summer would be ever so dull without you, but do we really need the 105 scorchers? I think we'd both agree the answer is no- so could you tone it down a bit?

I think I need an otter pop now, all of this typing has made it too hot to think or work any more. I just don't know that I can finish my chores, laundry will have to wait, mopping must be put off for another time. Too Hot.

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