Saturday, July 18, 2009

sidewalk chalk

Summer at our house means playing night games and staying up a little later than normal.
Sidewalk chalk is a favorite around here- see why?
Sidewalk chalk is well loved around here. Even the big kids from the neighborhood come and play- that may have a little to do with the fact that we also let them drive the go-cart.

Shelby took her show out into the street

E.J.'s stick figures were getting dropped down a "flush hole" as Em calls it

And my slightly morbid brother (geinus brother) drew a dead stick figure- he fell and cracked his head open on my front steps.

Summer- thank you for all of your glory


  1. Wow! That's great art if I've ever seen it! Too bad cement slabs can't be submitted to museums! :D

  2. ok, slightly alarming last stick figure;-)

  3. Hey, I recognize those brown kids :) Thanks for putting up with them!