Sunday, September 6, 2009


It's official-I'm a college football widow for the next 3 months. Not just any college football either, BYU college football to be exact.

The ritual for a home game goes like this:

The Russ bus arrives 3 hours before kickoff, drive to Provo-the special route-to avoid traffic
Eat at EL Azteca, tasty Mexican food joint near campus
Rent comfy seats for the "old guys"-they sit on the bleacher seats (The Schroeder is lucky that Uncle Russ has 2 great seats and only 1 behind-so his fills the other seat)
Park at the dentist's office-to avoid the 5 dollar parking fee
Walk to LaVell Edwards stadium, sit in seats just in time for the game to begin

Occasionally I go to the games too-I get a little antsy though, I don't love sitting in the bleachers. I always end up in front of some really old guy who gets mad when I stand up and whose knees are in my back the whole game. By the end I am to the point that I want to hit an old person- not a good thing generally. So I limit my exposure.

In case you were wondering BYU won their first game of the season, against a really hard team I might add. GO COUGS!


  1. no no no! don't be a widow! join in the fun and enjoy it:-) this is my favorite time of year!!!! i love talking football with sean!!!

  2. My husband is obsessed too! They should get together sometime. You should have seen him- he stayed with friends to watch that game because I went out of town and he kept calling me asking me if I was watching it and giving me updates. It was pretty entertaining.

  3. aHHHHHHHHHHHHHH they won!!!! that was such an intense game too! BYU won--the church is still true!! (jk)...did you watch the game? the espn announcer said "what did Max Hall say? I think it was 'oh my gosh', or whatever they say in provo..." it was great!