Thursday, October 1, 2009

No place like home

I'm a homebody and I know it. I have really been missing home. Emma was begging one lonely night "mom can't you just come through the phone and tuck me in?" I really wish that I could. I'm so glad that I've been able to come and help my mom through her surgery and recovery, but I miss my own home too.

I didn't know that I would feel the pull of home this strong, because it was sort of like coming home to my mom's. I don't know when this stopped being home for me, it was so gradual that I didn't really notice it happening. Not at all the painful cut of the apron strings I was expecting.

Suddenly I noticed that my own bed is the one I need to fall asleep in, my blankets are the ones that I want to snuggle up in. I miss the familiar sounds and smells of my house. I miss the taste of my water even. I'm no longer a transient being looking for where I belong, I have my home.

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