Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Back to the routines of home. I didn't think I'd miss schedules so much, but it's nice to be here in good old predictable scheduleville. Today was a little off since I just got back; laundry and kitchen as opposed to vacuuming and bathrooms. It'll all get back on track with enough time.

Why am I so fond of routine and schedules? Is it because it is safe and predictable or is there something more to it? Do I love being at home because I'm a hermit or is it the comfort and security there? I would hope the latter.

I think much of my comfort and security comes from the repetition of my life, it's a constant. As I watched General Conference the talk by Elder Bednar sank in. I really need to solidify family home evening and family prayers and scriptures in our routine-so my family will find comfort in that routine. It doesn't have to be a wonderful teaching experience or insightful moment every time we study or pray. Just the comfort of praying and studying. and routine.

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