Monday, November 16, 2009


I love Thanksgiving not only because of the turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and the dressing, oh the dressing. I do love all of that stuff- a lot so much that I wish there were Thanksgiving songs. Why aren't there any? Someone should write some.

But these aren't the only reasons I love Thanksgiving.

Let me tell you about the pilgrims, it'll help get my point across, I promise.

The first year the pilgrims were here, they celebrated. It was a great feast- because America was so great, they finally got here and really what could go wrong?

During the first winter their food supplies started to run low. The second year there was a famine, the crops didn't do so well. The third year they planted the crops and then there was a drought. They knew that if there was no food this year they would die.

Then they remembered to pray.

They prayed that it would rain, and it rained for 2 weeks straight. Enough for the crops to grow, but not a flood to drown and kill the plants.

They were humbled. There was a great Thanksgiving feast that year, they prayed to thank Heavenly Father for sparing them. They decided to have a feast every year, whether the harvest was abundant or not, to give thanks to God.

I love all of the holidays, but Thanksgiving reminds me to be grateful to my Father in Heaven. even when I hope for certain blessings and I have to wait, I'm grateful.

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