Friday, November 27, 2009

wasted sanity

Thanksgiving was great, the food was good, The Schroeder was really hot in his new $15 jeans, Em actually ate something before she played with her cousins...great i say.

Then all of the people with new tiny babies showed up. all 10 of them. ok it was really 4 but it felt like 10. then all of the pregnant ones came boasting of their due dates and ultrasound appointments. it was a dirty trick i tell you.

Every time I think I'm ok with constantly being the not pregnant one, more people announce that they are. i think it's just to test my resolve or rub it in my face or something.

So I'm going to find the nice things about not being pregnant... no heart burn, or gas issues for that matter. I'm thankful for that. also: sleep. tying my shoes. not having to go to the doctor repeatedly for the up-scope checks. not going pee every 5 seconds or having my bladder used as a trampoline.
I don't waddle. no new stretch marks last I checked. I can go ice skating sans-fear. steamy hot bath here I come (you thought I was going to say something else didn't you?) . I can't think of anymore. but see being pregnant isn't all that great.

It's a lie I'll keep telling myself for a while, either until I believe it, I'm pregnant or I'm crazy- whichever comes first.

But really I don't have any more sanity to waste on this, more tears I'm sure, but no more sanity. I want to wipe my own baby's nose and bum, well not really but if I'm going to be wiping I'd like it to be my own baby, you know.


  1. This one made me laugh, which is always welcome during these frenzied shopping/decorating days!


  2. i know, i sooooo know. hated those days. better for it now, but that never seems to help the present:-(