Thursday, December 3, 2009

Over-rated, and Christmas magic

There are some things about Christmas that I just can't get enough of, love them truly. Hot chocolate by the fire, reading stories to my girl child, no school, the treats, the secret gifting, the holiday in general leaves me bursting with excitement; like a chihuahua whose family left on vacation and now is back, puddles on the floor excited, people.

Then it's time to pull out the decorations, don't get me wrong, I love the decorations that accompany Christmas, I just don't do it well. Not at Christmas, not at Halloween, not in general. I need a decorating genius to come to my house and tell me how to decorate, maybe bring all the trimmings too, 'cause I don't know what to get when I look at the walls of pillows or the aisles in the home decor department. I just stare at it all and look very bewildered
, I'm sure the other people in the store wonder why the crazy lady is just standing there like a statue, but I'm really truly in decor overload and unable to make coherent or rational decisions. Decorating really is over-rated.

On to a completely unrelated but oh, so tasty subject
, I must tell you about tim-tams. I'll bet you're wondering what the heck tim-tams are, so I'll be a generous soul and tell you a magical Christmas secret. Tim-tams are a cookie from Australia, there is a trick you can do with them and your hot cocoa that makes a magical sensation in your mouth- E.S. said "It's like I had and epiphany in my mouth" and it's true, they are that good.

So the magic trick is to bite off opposing corners and then dip it in the cocoa and suck it like a straw, a chocolate square straw, but a straw nonetheless (just stay with me, you'll like it I promise). Then as soon as the cocoa hits your mouth pop the whole cookie in, don't chew or anything, and let the epiphany come. I will warn you, there is a 3 cookie at a time maximum. Should you exceed the limit you will experience diabetic-coma-like symptoms (just sleep it off, it'll be ok in the end)

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  1. take me to target and i'll show everything i WISH I COULD BUY:-) then i'll come home with you and point to where i think it should go in your place.