Saturday, December 26, 2009


Alas Christmas is done for another year, but I think this particular one will be remembered for a few years as the Christmas of the "stomach flu". You heard, or rather read, correctly. We were a house full of the plague on Christmas day. that was a particularly nice gift from school this year, the next-door-neighbor boy who is in Em's class also brought the plague home to his family as well.

No visits to grandma and grandpa's house, no going out to the movies. just sleeping and intermittent bowl hugging. sad to say but I'm glad this Christmas is over. The girl child was the first to get it, and the first to recover. it was one of those quick bugs. so she was raring to go while mom & dad were still sleeping the day away. I think she watched 3 movies and read 2 books in all while we were checked out. I think I only saw about a half of a movie, though not necessarily the same movie, and heard in a comatose state the books she was reading-it made for some crazy dreams. Maybe next year will be better. maybe I'll keep her home for a few days longer to ensure any sicknesses are through before Christmas, now there's an idea.


  1. sad!!! all of this not walking is unacceptable. i have to read about your life on your blog. sigh. glad you are starting to feel better. it seems like someone is always sick on christmas. makes it much less enjoyable:-( hopefully next year will be better for your health!

  2. That really stinks. Next time, when the first person gets it, have everyone else drink Welch's grape juice (the purple kind) for a few days...a full glass with every meal. It is protective because it makes the intestinal tract not hospitable to stomach bugs. Almost always works! (But for the one who brings it home, it doesn't help. Once you catch it, you've got to see it through...)

    But at least you can spare the rest of the family!

    Hope New Year's Eve was better to you.