Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Is it wrong of me to feel the need to put away the Christmas tree and decorations the day after Christmas. I get this need to clean after Christmas, and not just clean but deep clean and de-junk, spring cleaning comes early to my house. I can't wait for the days when I can throw open the windows and let the fresh air in- without freezing us out.

I really enjoy winter, until the day after Christmas that is, then I'm itching for spring to come and my house to be all organized and sparkly clean. I suppose I do this to myself though, I love anticipating things, then once it's over, or here or I have whatever it was I really wanted and saved and waited for, I'm already looking to anticipate the next thing. Is there a cure for that?


  1. ahhh!!! ME TOO!!! i took all of my stuff down on sunday and i'm still revelling in the wonderful feeling of decluttering my house. i am not one to keep it up lingering around. i put it up after thanksgiving, and by the day after christmas i'm ready to move on and completely clear out my house. see, i knew we were friends for a reason;-)

  2. Actually, I can sort of relate to this, too. I make myself wait till New Year's Day, but it comes down then...and I love getting it all put away and feeling somehow de-cluttered.

    Strange, because I do love Christmas...but just like Mexican food, when I'm done, I don't want to look at it!