Friday, December 18, 2009


I need to add some spice to my life, and not the kind where you have heartburn a few hours later, but the kind that comes from fun sparkly nails or some other equally exciting thing. I 've gone from a medium to a barely mild kind of spice.

I think I officially have the winter blahs, and it's not even winter yet (3 more days I believe). Not the whole SAD kind of winter blahs, but the kind where I'd much rather sit in front of a fire and read a book than get chores done, for days in a row, and it doesn't even have to be a good book, a history of the water filter would do.

This is quite the predicament I face since I have 2 batches of caramel needing to be wrapped, truffles to dip and our neighbor gifts to deliver. What ever am I going to do? Where can I find my spice?

Slamming a tim-tam is a-maz-ing, but it tends to leave one more on the diabetic coma side of lethargy, and I need some pep people. So that is out of the question for the next few days.

Maybe it will come to me while I trudge through my chores today, and I can be spicy and sparkly again. but probably not. so on I go to trudge.


  1. yesterday i stayed in my pj's until 3pm. i layed on the couch for most of the morning, fading in and out of sleep, while sean and brennan ran around the house playing. it felt so good to just lay there, but by the end of the day i felt worthless. i woke up this morning and thought, "hmmm, maybe i should do that again." haha, too many days in a row of this can't be good for the psyche. it is definitely good for the needed break of a person though. i miss walking!!! i am so sore today from doing nothing yesterday. i fear my walking days may be nearing an end for a the next two months.:-(

  2. I've read the history of the water filter myself. Excellent.