Friday, January 29, 2010

play doh epiphanies

I love play doh on sick days- it keeps everyone sane around here. strep.yuck-on a friday even!
Girl Child is meticulous with her play doh- rolling, snaking, smashing, creating. No mixing colors, keep them pristine. I, on the other hand, am a squisher and a mixer. I love how it feels gushing between my fingers. She likes to take any that got mixed into a new color and keep it separate from the original color, saran wrap works well, I smush it back into a container and pop the lid on.

It's funny that in almost every other area we are opposites, I'm clean-ish, she's messy, I have ocd about how certain things go, she couldn't bring herself to put it away, so she really doesn't care how it gets cleaned up. Then there is our play doh selves. Am I far too in control, always worried about being perfect and doing it right, and my play doh self is the only place I let go and just be crazy like a kid again? Is she secretly, subconsciously wanting to be neat and tidy?


  1. That's funny. I'm not especially neat or tidy either (kind of the opposite), but I wouldn't like my play doh colors mixed together. Maybe that's why I'm not that artistic.


  2. Did I see you driving your hot self in a new car today????!!!!!!