Monday, February 1, 2010

continue, thief!

Today feels like a stolen day, see it's the 1st of February, but it feels more like April. Fat puffy white marshmallow clouds are floating in the blue sky, nary a rain cloud in sight. It seems like I went and stole a day right out of spring, and deposited it right here in winter. I love those kind of days.

The heat is off, the windows are cracked and fresh air is coming in. Laundry is going, vacuuming completed, bathrooms cleaned. Spring has the magic effect of making the chores fly by, enlivening everything so I don't feel so blah about it all. The work music is blaring, I'm sure any passersby can hear it. maybe they wonder just what is going on in here. cleaning, dancing, everything.and i love it.

I hope that cute little groundhog tells me that there will not, in fact, be six more weeks of winter. that spring is on its way, and that it will bring all of the pretty spring flowers I love. crocuses, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths.

Too bad there are none for my yard, those pesky squirrels ate my bulbs, right out of the ground. oh I know they need winter sustenance, but I need spring bulbs. they don't seen to understand my predicament. bulbs need to be planted in the fall, and have a long winters nap and such, in order to bloom properly. if I could plant in the spring I would, to avoid the squirrel eating, etc, but alas now that they've been eaten no such blooming will occur, 25 bucks down the drain, or squirrel if you prefer. and no they don't bloom once they come out the other side, unfortunately.

Again, my goal for this spring and summer is to not have the crappiest yard on the block, a feat yet to happen in all of the years we've lived here, much to the chagrin of my neighbors as well, I'm sure. Maybe the sprinkler valve won't break again, for the third year in row, and we won't have a pile of dirt surrounding an open hole in the lawn, waiting to swallow children and small dogs whole. even that would be a small victory in my lawn maintenance goals.


  1. Harrumph. Well, you know my feelings about squirrels. Used to love 'em, now I think they are the bane of my existence. *sigh*

    Hope you get your early Spring! And don't let those squirrels up on your roof!!


  2. February is my least favorite month. It's because there are those days that the sun is out and you feel like breaking out the swim suit because it's in the.... 40's!!! Then the next day, you walk out the house and the air is so dang cold that it knocks you over. I hate the teasing. I need the spring here and soon! I'm going nuts cooped up inside.
    So, you are supossed to plant bulbs in the fall huh? I planted all my last spring and they came out great. Maybe they would have been better if they had been planted in the fall. Though, I don't know why they sell them at that time of year if you should wait to plant them. I don't have much of a green thumb, so I'm still learing the tricks.