Monday, January 11, 2010

Strange conversations

Sometimes I worry {and I'm a worrier so it's really more than just sometimes} that we might run out of thing to talk about, that we wouldn't have anything to actually say to each other. Would we become that couple that has run out of things to talk about and just sits quietly in the restaurant eating? I didn't want to be reduced to talking only about kids or work, cause I talk about those enough, my brain needs continuous stimulation.

So The Schroeder and I have this thing, we can have entire conversations using only movie line quotes- kind of scary but ever so funny. I just figured it out-problem solved. We play it like a game, or sometimes just an extremely amusing way to converse. Maybe we can eventually move on to book lines and quotes, I already have some really great ones all stored in my head-ready to pop out at an opportune moment.

In honor of my newly realized relief I give you the game- name that line: "What like a real estate emergency? We don't need a schedule we need a miracle!"

Do you know it? Now tell me your favorite movie line, see if I can guess it

Post Script: That pic was supposed to capture "thoughtful worrying" or maybe "stupor of thought" in my case... it turned out more "disinterested and slightly ticked off" I'm not so good with the self portraits


  1. i'm fine.
    you know what that means?
    freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional.

  2. "Come on up Steve! We're spittin' on bugs."
    Love the blog Jess. Cute picture.
    " We have a piper down. I repeat piper down."

  3. "She has the resolve of a battle-tested warrior." "She's a mother."