Wednesday, January 13, 2010

spying, my missed calling?

Have you heard the new One Republic album? It is so *fweaking awesome, it's called Waking Up, by the way. I can't even pick a favorite song yet, but right now 'Everybody Loves Me' is On and I'm so diggin it, even the dog is rockin out.

I'm sorry to report that I am not following American Idol, many are disappointed to hear this as I am prone to moo-ing them (**moo=mock others often) and my satirical remarks are appreciated by all in the vicinity, I'm sure. I just can't bring myself to be so embarrassed for them, which is accompanied by an hour long full body shiver. it's rather fatiguing you know. The bachelor, on the other hand is a perfect forum for my moo-ing, the drama, the facial expressions, the tears-ha! it also helps me get all of my mocking out of my system before I venture out among the general public. it's a good thing too as I would like to keep my face intact, and people generally do not take well to being mocked.

On an unrelated, and surprisingly non mocking note, Chuck is back on and I couldn't be happier. Love that cute little nerd. My other favorite show that can't be back soon enough- Burn Notice, apparently I secretly want to be a spy or some such undercover agent. who knew?

*thanks Max for the word of the day
**Shout out to Clark, with whom I realte in the moo-ing department


  1. I have a hard time watching American Idol in the early stages, too. I usually become a fairly faithful fan sometime after the top 10 or 12 or whatever it is. Even then, some seasons have been more palatable than others...

    I did enjoy last year with the Adam/Chris competition. (Actually, one of my other favorites was a young rocker girl whose name I can't remember now.)

    Anyway, I hear Simon is quitting next year which will probably be the death knell for AI.

  2. ugh, i'm right there with you. my dad says just skip the first few weeks and then watch the singing, but then i feel behind and out of it.