Tuesday, January 26, 2010

testing 1,2,3...

The Girl took a 3 hour test today, and reallyI had debated whether or not to have Girl child take the test at all {it was for our school district's pull out program}. She came to me with the flyer and asked to take it- how could I say no to that right? But I wondered if it would be a good thing for her or if it would be one more thing to stress her out about school -like we need more of that.

Then I went to the survey that must be completed pre-test, and I tell you what that sucker almost described the girl to a T. Aware of the emotions of others-check, asks complex questions-check, concerned and aware of world events-check. This may just be the thing that makes school happy for her. They asked for examples and I have to admit I did brag just a bit on the personality and emotional awareness type questions, ok a lot but I couldn't restrain myself...

So I'll share with you too. What's that-you're dying to know? I knew you would be.

This kid- wow! 2 years ago she gave her piggy bank savings to primary children medical center pennies by the inch thing, her entire piggy bank. last year she gave a big bag full of change to her school's fund raiser for the homeless shelter in our city, this year she gave what she had left of her Christmas money for Haiti to our church. She is an awesome kid and she reminds me to be generous, I really am a lucky mom.


  1. Yes, you ARE a lucky mom. She sounds unusually thoughtful and sensitive for a girl her age.


  2. that's great! what a gifted child. :)