Monday, February 22, 2010

bragging rights

I had the most painfully awkward, and thankfully short, visit of my life- and it was with my own grandma. We've never been particularly close, but now that I'm an adult, maybe especially that I'm an adult {and in a healthy marriage} I find that we have less and less to even talk about. It makes me kind of sad.

Then I realized just how lucky I am that my own child has the most fabulous and practically perfect grandmas ever. I couldn't tailor them to be any better. My friends and I were talking after a fantastic GNO, about things-kids, babysitters, etc, etc, etc. and the subject came up as to where the Girl Child was going to stay while Schroeder and I were on trek. I so got to brag it up that my mother-in-law essentially put dibs on getting to keep her while we were gone, and that she would be highly offended if we asked anyone else first- and that she has the most fun things planned already so we'd better just comply so as not to mess with the plans. did I mention she is turning 75 this year-a year older than my own grandma even. She is A-ma-zing I tell you.

Then there is my own momma, seriously the most patient with Em ever. She lets her 'help' sew projects and teaches her how to make her own projects-without a hint of frustration when she has to explain it 2 or 3 more times. She accepts early Saturday morning phone calls while I'm still in bed-and chats with her for as long as Emma wants to talk. She laughs at all of Emma's jokes, and most of them are 2nd grade jokes if you get my drift. and when she comes to visit-Em climbs into bed with her every night, and she doesn't even kick her out.

How on earth did I get so lucky to have 2 perfect grandmas for my kid? So I -maybe slightly pridefully- think I have some bragging rights about this one.

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  1. A good grandma is worth her weight in gold. And a good grandpa, too! I'm glad your daughter is blessed in that regard.