Saturday, February 20, 2010

smothering-at home

I was visiting teaching my friend Jill the other day, we talked about being stay-at-home moms, and how quite frequently we are referred to as 'just a mom'. I think anyone who says that phrase has never been a stay-at-home mom, otherwise they'd not say it quite so condescendingly considering how much we do in just one day. {I also have to admire women who don't have children and still see the value and goodness of rearing children}

So in honor of my conversation with Jill I give you the list. I'm sure you're wondering what this list is. well I'll tell you. It's the list of things a 'just a mom' gets to do every day-without pay or accolades mind you. honestly some of it is super fun {and it's the reason we choose to sacrifice financially to do it} and some of it just has to be done, whether it's fun or not. here goes:

play with our kids
read books; kids books, grown up books, just books.
sing. a lot.
dress our kids, not always an easy task!
eat baby toes, they're the tastiest you know.
referee toddlers
general house cleaning
watch sesame street, or other equally educational television
wipe noses, bums, hands, and anything related to a child really
play with little people and trucks
have picnics in the park on sunny spring days
go on walks
teach a child to tie his own shoes, and read, and manners, and everything they know. pretty much

The list can go on for miles but you get the picture. Moms rock is what that picture is titled.


  1. I would agree about moms rocking...!

    And right now my niece is becoming a mom, for the first time! She is pushing even as I write this. I hope all goes well because this baby has some problems that they won't be able to identify for sure until after he is born. But we are hopeful, and it's always exciting, even when you're worried.

  2. there is a book called "i am a mother" that i read when i was pregnant with brennan. it addressed this specifically, and i've never looked at motherhood in the same way.