Thursday, February 18, 2010

chores avoided for another day

On Sunday last, our lesson in YW was about our homes, cleaning& organizing so the spirit can dwell here, etc. I made a vow that I would do better, the office would get cleaned out, the windows washed, all dusting would get done in a timely manner...I would do better and be better at making my home a place where we'd be happy and comfortable and organized.

It looks worse than ever. The windows are getting rained on, glad I didn't clean them just yet, a million zillion kids are over this week, no time to dust while the littles are here. Dumped YW stuff in the office, again, it's a mess, still. So much for my spring cleaning vow to get stuff all the way under control. Maybe I'll just shoot for regular cleaning and some magic little elves will come to do the rest, you know like the elves and the shoe maker.

I really do have a cleaning schedule, and the house isn't gross or anything, just toys everywhere, disney moves strewn about, you know the regular mess a house gets when small people inhabit them, or even just visit them. and I realize that it's sad that I feel I must explain myself, and what not. but what's a girl to do? I can't have the world think I'm really a big slob or something

I need spring to come, so the doors and windows can be thrown open and fresh air can invade my house. I need sunshine to motivate the deep cleaning projects {that have gone neglected all winter}. and I need grass and flowers popping up. can't wait for spring. must go mop the kitchen now, see I really do clean-sometimes

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  1. I can't imagine living in a place where winter reigns completely. We've had some cold and rainy days here and there, but these are interspersed with spring-like days when we can open the doors and windows and let the sunshine in. I hope spring comes soon for you!