Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mafioso Mama

Love The Girl Child with all of my guts, but lately I feel like I've been a mafia boss-and she's the reason. the low voice, the yelling, threats under my breath, thoughts like 'I wanna love her and hug her and break her neck'. Some days I vacillate between seriously quit whining and suck it up and ok you can be sick today. I don't feel like me anymore.

Gone are the- good morning, time to get up and dressed, what would you like for breakfast- days. It's a whole new and patience trying phase. Now the mornings are more like an epic battle, day after day. She hates school again, and has for quite a while now, but she has gotten to the refusal to go stage. again.

It's the crappy version of groundhog day. and we still have 3.5 months of school left. even though home school isn't an option for her, she'd hate her teacher, I almost considered it. Is it too much to hope that 3rd grade will be any better? How do you help someone learn to like something they are adamant about hating, and how is it that other kids like school so much and she hates it, aren't they having basically the same experience? When will I feel confident as a mom again?


  1. That always hard. What's her teacher's take on the situation?


  2. Nothing- that's part of the problem, not sure exactly what the other part is-but for some reason school is crappy for her :/