Monday, February 15, 2010

Letter to The Schroeder

Dear Schroeder,

Thanks for doing the dishes after the party with the P's and Q's last night, that was great of you. Also those steaks were cooked to perfection-way to be the grill master. I must admit though, I am kind of jealous that you won nearly every game we played, whonu, then *chaps and spurs too. I am slightly competitive as you know, and that was a difficult blow to take, that whole not winning a single game thing-oh I know the girls team won at sequence and all, but somehow that doesn't count, at least not for my gigantic game playing ego. But seriously way to go on the awesome game night winnings. I think you're fun to hang out with, we should do it more often.

Smarty Pants

p.s. even though my love letter to you is laced with satyr and a hint of sarcasm, please note that it is all self deprecating, and not directed at you in any way- the compliments are genuine

*real name of game-hand and foot or boot and glove

1 comment:

  1. Sequence is still a victory, Jess. However you look at it!


    PS. I am only competitive at word games, and if my husband ever beats me at those, I will hate it! (Not that he ever could, I might add.) heehee