Friday, February 12, 2010

Nary a stray m&m

Valentines Class Party Report-

It all started with sugar cookies that needed to be frosted, decorated, and enjoyed. Imagine 100 second graders sitting at lunch tables, frosting and a popsicle stick, cookie and a juice box. Not one frosting fight broke out, so far so good. On to recess, so the moms could set up games in the class rooms.

bookmark craft, and dice game - no gambling though. 10 minutes at each station. I ran bingo. The other 'cooler' moms brought prizes along with the game. my treat " you don't have a math test right now-there you go kid" didn't go over as well as the cute treats those cool moms brought. {Jan and Keri you really are super cool, don't let my angst make you feel otherwise} AND they got to eat the m&ms that marked the bingo cards, and surprisingly enough, not a single one ended up in an orifice in which it didn't belong -while on my watch anyway.

Final report: cautiously calling it a success, until I hear otherwise from Girl Child -10-4 over and out

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  1. I think the M&Ms count as a treat. Just sayin'.