Wednesday, February 10, 2010

lame song lyrics tell it like it is

Valentines day was cute and sweet in elementary school; there's a class party and you pass out hand made notes into the darling little mail boxes. Somehow it became too commercialized and lame. oh, I'll still give my family little notes and treats, and I'm sure I'll receive some in return. I just don't expect to have 2 dozen red roses show up at my door, or a diamond bracelet to make it's way to my wrist.

I'm so sick of the Kay commercials, and the like, that espouse that if you don't but an expensive gift for every occasion you won't get any lovin {kissing or otherwise} A car with a huge red bow on top is not romance people.

A well planned, meaningful date {in or out} is where it's at. *ehem-wink wink* Schroeder

"I can't buy you nice things, like big diamond rings, but that don't mean much anyway-
I will write you a song, that's how you'll know my love is still strong, and you'll know from the song that I just can't go on without you" -plain white t's


  1. I much prefer the "thought" gifts that take some time and effort to the costly ones like jewelry. Especially on Valentine's Day. That should be about love, not money!


  2. i told sean that me having a baby was his gift this year and him chaning all of the diapers when he's home is his gift to me. hoping i can at least make him a valentine while the boys are at church...