Sunday, February 7, 2010

sick as a

I now fully understand the terms sick as a dog, and feel like I've been hit by a train, or other large vehicle. I haven't been sick-as in immunologically challenged in about 10 years.that's my best guess anyway since I can't actually remember the last time I was sick. Oh I've had kidney stones, given birth, and other painful things. but not sick until this weekend. strep. I hear it's much harder on adults, and I actually believe it. Now for more ibuprofen, more antibiotics, and more sleep.


  1. Hope you get feeling better soon. No fun being sick at all! :(

  2. My adult son gets strep very badly every now and again. It stinks, but one good thing is that the antibiotics kick in quickly. Glad you're on some!


    PS. Just a suggestion. Be sure to check your daughter out if she complains of any symptoms at all. Strep can be tricky if untreated, and kids don't always seem very sick with it. Get well soon!!