Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the secret life of E

Did you know that children have whole other lives at school, secret lives even. It's like they're spies or incredibles or something equally exciting and dangerous. They have their home identity and then there is the school identity aka their 'cover'- and really who knew? not me.

At home they may loathe something, like soccer or basketball-team sports in general for instance, but at school they're all over that on the playground. Oblivious to certain things at home{all things Disney channel} but at school they are suddenly experts on the Jonas Brothers? And the whole school outfit vs the Saturday play outfits, when was there ever a difference? Why all of a sudden dresses and matching your bff's ensemble of the day? How did this evolve- is there some sort of class about it on the playground? Is that what the little girls are standing there talking about instead of jump roping now?

When did it happen that I don't know all; the omniscient Mother is no longer, may she rest in peace.

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  1. This is even more true in jr. high and high school. (More true, and a little bit worrisome at times...)

    But you're in the fun part. Enjoy!!


    PS. Not to say that the teens aren't fun too, but they can be a little hair-raising, too.