Friday, March 19, 2010

Had my elbow checked by the soon-to-be Dr Gibson (aka Emilisq's scout master). It was just what I was thinking, and afraid of, torn tendons and ligaments. Not completely torn, just a little torn, but still painful.

As the good doctor was doing the evaluation on the traitorous elbow, I started to get that dizzy I'm going to pass out kind of feeling. a vaso-vagal reaction (aka spinny room barfy feeling). If I were anywhere else I think I might have been embarrassed, but Em made me laugh (by chastising Sean
for hurting her friend) so it helped to focus my mind elsewhere.

A huge thanks to those cool Gibsons, you guys rock- especially since it was 9 am. I owe you a huge one!
p.s. Dr. G you'll be a great pain and torturer I mean physical therapist- same thing though right? Good luck on the boards.


  1. Ouch! Thank goodness for friend connections right?... Hope your arm gets feeling better soon!

  2. I'm glad they took such good care of you! And I hope you recover quickly and fully.


  3. sheesh, i felt so badly that he had to hurt you to diagnose you! those darn pt's!