Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Left is hard. let me explain... I am a right handed person, but I think I used to switch back and forth- I have vague memories of my kindergarten teacher repeatedly putting my pencil back in my right hand, left handers were of the devil (seriously- I grew up in rural texas-she was a bit of a bible thumper) I also remember stripping to the underoos to lay in front of the air conditioner and getting busted, but that's for another time.

So lately I can't get my right hand to do quite what I want it to- the elbow thing again! And let me tell you brushing my teeth with the left hand is a strange and awkward thing, also I spill a lot of my food on myself too. I feel very ungraceful about it all. I'd like to know why it is whenever I get myself all banged up it's always on the right side- right shoulder, right side of the face and back, right big toe- it's a little uncanny.

There is one teeny tiny good thing about all this crazy arm thing- I can't vacuum or sweep/mop it hurts too much, so my darling husband and daughter get the joy of those jobs for a while, and I'm all heartbroken about it can't you tell?

p.s. Dear the Schroeder, I tried to sweep and mop yesterday- I only got the sweeping done, would you please, please mop it in the next day or two? oh and the vacuuming too?
Much love- Smarty Pants


  1. You've proven it. Every cloud DOES have a silver lining.

    Having said that, I hope you heal soon.


  2. Hi--just read your comment on Sue's and had to come over and say that I thought, "a vial of blood wearing weird", made me snort, then laugh, then click over here to see you were. Brilliant.

  3. but look, you're becoming more ambidexturous (sp???), and that's cool;-) lol