Friday, March 26, 2010

the office

I was called in to work today (I'm the permanent temp you know) at the orthopedic doctor's office, in the morning I was Smarty Pants: cast miracle worker. In the afternoon it was Smarty Pants: telephone girl. I forgot why I never liked working in an office, I HATE the telephone.

People frequently call with exceptionally stupid questions for which I have little tolerance, I find that I nearly reply with snarky comments that would probably get me fired. My favorite question ever: can you just write me a prescription for insert narcotic drug; or they don't have enough to get through the weekend and couldn't I just call something in - um no I'm not the doctor.

I wonder sometimes why I subject my low tolerance to such high strain, then I remember- oh yeah I get paid, and then I suck it up, and believe me it's a lot of sucking


  1. My daughter works in a podiatrist's office. Most of the time she doesn't do the phones (she's usually the one doing procedures and surgeries with the doctor), but once in a while she has to cover them, and she says it can get pretty crazy.

    She does love her job, but she's glad that reception duty doesn't fall to her too often.


  2. i still raise my shoulders and make an icky face when i remember how long i worked "on the phones" in college at melaleuca. at least they paid well and gave us $80 worth of free product every month:) except now i am still addicted to their stuff, their not paying me, and i'm not getting anything free...sigh.